Where is the theatre headed?

Predicting trends in the theatre is the work of theatre artists the world over. While their first and foremost concern is with self-expression, all theatre practitioners want to work on the forefront of the field.


For this assignment, you will answer this question: Where is the theatre headed?


Consider the past and the present to paint a picture of where the theatre might find itself in the future. Use the rubric for the QEP assignment as a means of organizing your assignment, a trial run for next module’s assignment so to speak. Click here to download the rubric.


Purpose Clearly identifies main issue(s), problem(s),

or intention(s)

Perspective Investigates point(s) of view and


Evidence Supports purpose with relevant, sufficient

evidence and defines concepts

Analysis Analyzes the consequences and implications

of reasoning

Core Values Addresses core value(s) specifically and

demonstrates their relevance



States the various options of decision


making and chooses a solution

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