Week 7 | ACC 564 Accounting Information Systems | Strayer University

 There are several steps to implementing a SaaS CAD/CAM system for small manufacturing firms. First, the company needs to form an integration development team consisting of designers, logisticians, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the Machine Smith Inc. business model.  Here the team maps out the lifecycle process of a customer’s order to deliver the finished product.  Next, the team explores the four largest vendors’ products in the CAD/CAM space that best fit the Machine Smith Inc process requirements:  PTC, SOLIDWORKS, Fusion360, and Solid Edge (Gigante, 3).  After analyzing the products’ s capabilities and cost, the team will deliver a business case and a recommendation.  Next, the implementation team will plan the adoption and integration with existing systems, as required.  Here user and system admin (if required) training are also considered.  Lastly, the implemented system will undergo system and user testing as the integration team takes a mock or actual customer purchase order through design, prototype, testing, manufacturing, and delivery (Saric,  

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