Use marketing to grow k-w’s blue brand


In this simulation, you are being hired as the new brand manager at Kelsey-White, an American 

multinational consumer goods company. Recently the firm invested in the development of K-W 

Vision, a series of systems and processes that allow the use of up-to-date data and advanced 

analytics to drive informed decision making about K-W brands. The year is 2019. The system is 

populated with 4 years of historical data. As brand manager for K-W’s Blue laundry detergent, you 

are tasked to lead the brand’s turnaround. Use the Vision platform to develop your strategy, grow 

Blue’s market share, and become more profitable over the next 4 years.

In this simulation, you will have to (a) analyse the available marketing information and consumer 

insight; (b) derive at strategic decisions; (c) observe the impact your decisions had on ROI and other 

financial/non-financial metrics; (d) re-evaluate and continue to adjust your strategy.

 Assignments are to be no longer than 1.5 typed A4 pages in length,  

Use Times New Roman size 12 font with one inch 

margins all around and 1.5 spacing

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