Unit 5 discussion 2 | ACC100


 The goal of this discussion question is for all Comprehensive Problems to be completed and for robust conversation between peers to take place.

Keep in mind that this discussion question will help prepare you for future exams, so it is important that you understand the information and actively participate in discussions. To supplement your learning and enhance your understanding, you may also have to conduct research outside of course provided material.

Discussion Question Requirements:

  1. Locate the Comprehensive Problems at the end of Chapter 7. 
  2. Complete one of the following problems for Chapter: CP7-1, CP7-2, CP7-3, P7-1, P7-2, P7-3. If possible, type your exercise answer in the discussion area. However, you may attach a document if needed.
  3. Include in your answer which comprehensive problem (e.g. CP7-1) you are completing. If your answers are not labeled, credit will not be granted.

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