Ubuntu install | Computer Science homework help


In this SLP assignment, you will learn more about operating systems  by installing Ubuntu on your computer. Ubuntu is a variation of Linux  and was created in 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth wanted to  create a free system that is user friendly and powerful enough to  compete with other operating systems. Shuttleworth enhanced Linux by  addressing its weaknesses. With more people using the system, Ubuntu has  gained increased popularity worldwide. 

SLP Assignment Expectations

Ubuntu is a free, open-source Linux operating system with three  officially released editions: desktop, server, and core. It is a popular  operating system, especially for cloud computing.

In this assignment, you are required to download it to your computer.  Following the instructions in the tutorial below, install Ubuntu on  your own machine.


Write a paper with the following components:

  • Your experience with Ubuntu, any difficulties encountered when installing Ubuntu, and how you solved these difficulties.
  • Screenshots to show your Ubuntu trial and/or installation.

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