Trans-generational trauma | ENC 1102 110 | Florida Atlantic University


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 Imbedded in Stillman’s argument is the question of ethics in relation to war. Write a paper in which you shape an ethics for war using Stillman’s ideas. Given the nature of trauma when is war justified, what responsibilities do governments have to those who survive. Before entering war activities the military must take account transgenerational trauma and how the war affects not just soldiers and survivors, but their children and grandchildren. Does knowing that trauma can be inherited change our moral obligations in relation to war? How can our decisions regarding war change with a different understanding of trauma? 

. Must be MLA format.

. Must be 4 pgs. 

. Must use these sources:



3. Make sure to use this one the most, 

Make sure to use the first two at least once and use the third one the most.