Sustainable development & global philly

     In 2015, Philadelphia became the nation’s  first World Heritage City according to Global Philadelphia. Global Philadelphia  is  an organization whose mission is “to assist and to encourage greater  interaction among the many organizations and people who are engaged in  international activity in the Greater Philadelphia Region, to promote  the development of an international consciousness within the region, and  to enhance the region’s global profile”.       

The World Heritage City’s primary goals are:
“To  promote preservation and appreciation of our geographical, historical,  and cultural heritage through the World Heritage City designation and  continued education. To provide a powerful economic and cultural  stimulus to the region. To inspire citizens and residents to feel pride  in their World Heritage City”.

Discuss the importance of this type of enterprise. What would you like to see happen in regards to this work?

Check out the campaign that Global Philadelphia has in regards to Sustainable Development . What are some locations in Philly that this campaign needs to reach? Should more be done? Explain.


Read the following article “Silence Is Never Neutral; Neither Is Science”.  What  claims are being made about the intersections of racism, research, and  science. Have you heard about Henrietta Lacks (HeLa cells), James Marion Sims’ research, or the Tuskegee experiments? Eugenics? What other historical or contemporary connections can you make? 

Have you seen the movie Get Out? What connections can be made between the film and scientific racism?

Are there any initiatives, programs, events that peak your interest? Explain.

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