Rhetorical analysis-dangers of single story


In this essay you will use some of the rhetorical terms from your reading to analyze the effectiveness of a TED talk on a topic that interests you. Your essay will introduce the claim and purpose of the talk, analyze the presenter’s use of several rhetorical ideas and techniques, and analyze the effectiveness of the talk considering its purpose and audience. Your essay’s thesis will state how well you think the speaker uses the rhetorical techniques to reach his or her audience.

Choose a talk that interests you at www.ted.com. You should look for a talk that is about 10-20 minutes long.

Your essay should be at least four pages in MLA manuscript format (be sure to double space and use 11 or 12 point Times New Roman font).  It must contain at least three quotations from the TED talk, correctly introduced and cited using MLA style documentation, and it must include a works cited page (does not count towards page requirement).(dangers of a single story by adichie ngozi is the ted talk to use)

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