Residential solar energy applied project

Page needed: 12 pages


A homeowner in the Caribbean is considering in integrating solar panels in his home as one of his power sources. The house is under construction and it is 80% done. The property is about 4500 sqft on approximately one acre of land. The owner wants to be off the grid for 3 full days and requires the solar panels to be on the roof. 

Goal of the proposal:

Based on his demand, focus on bringing the deliverables mentioned below:

·  Calculate a charge/load analysis based on his energy consumption. 

·  Conduct a case study on how many sun hours available based on the location of the property.

·  Provide insights on safety measures about natural disasters i.e., hurricanes and earthquakes.

·  Arrange a full solar system package i.e., solar modules, connection box, solar power inverter, PV meter, and bi-directional meter. 

·  Provide a full cost analysis depending on different packages based on several charge loads scenarios.  

·  Assist with the installation process.


– The attached document are provided as support for the proposal.

– A example of a propel is a provided for guidance

– The format of the proposal is provided


– Introduction/Literature review has to be 1-2 full pages with research to support the work

– A gantt chart needs to be added

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