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Please read the question/s carefully before writing the assignment. It is very important to answers all parts of the discussion question. The assignment should be 350 words. Please use peer reviewed sources such as journal articles from the Monroe library and evidence based websites (CDC, NIH etc.). Use APA citation format to cite sources within text and in the reference list.

Question 1: Recognition of the link between biodiversity and health is said to be increasing. Can you provide an example of biodiversity and health connection that is relevant to your life? Can you think of another example that might become more relevant two generations from now?

Question 2: Sometimes, preventive goals seem to collide with each other. Examples include fish consumption advisories, breast feeding advisories, and the use of DDT to control malaria. Please pick one of these or another suitable example, and then answer these questions. What are the trade-offs between the different preventive strategies involved? How could the competing goals be balanced?