Qualitative journal article critique | Sociology homework help

For any qualitative journal article should report on the following information:

                *Bibliographic information (i.e. reference).

  1. Statement of the social problem being addressed
  2. Purpose (s) of the study (specify the type of qualitative strategy of inquiry used).
  3. Research design used (e.g. grounded theory, case study, ethnography, focus groups, etc.).
  4. Sampling methods [probability or non-probability] and forms (e.g. simple, stratified systematic, cluster or multi-stage sampling for probability; OR convenience, purposeful, quota, or snowball for non-probability sampling).
  5. Methods of data collection (e.g. observation, interview, event log, audio or videotaping, etc.).
  6. Procedures for recording information.
  7. Data analysis techniques and steps.
  8. Results and interpretation.
  9. Author’s conclusions and recommendations.

Your critique and analysis of the research study as presented in the article, and of the potential usefulness of the article’s results for intervention(consider diversity issues).

  1. Implications for social work practice and policy.
  2. Attach a copy of the journal article you have reviewed.

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