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Situation Analysis for Under Armour company (needs to be supported by research and legitimate sources of information; cite all sources with proper APA format)

  1. Internal environment
    1. Description of the company, including current marketing strategies and performance
    2. Description of current and anticipated resources (e.g., financial, human, experience, relationships, patents, trademarks)
    3. Description of relevant corporate culture and organizational structure
  2. Customer environment
    1. Who are the current and potential customers (target market analysis)?
    2. What do customers do with the products/services (and what benefits are received)?
    3. Where and when do customers want to purchase the products (e.g., distribution channels, seasonal effects, situational factors)?
    4. Why do customers buy the products, and why do others not buy the products?
  3. Industry/Competitive environment
    1. Description of characteristics of the industry (e.g., number and types of competitors, type of industry, entry/exit barriers, regulations, competitive intensity, supply/distribution limitations)
    2. Analysis of competition, including direct competitors, indirect/substitute competitors, and potential competitors
  4. External marketing environment (STEP N)
    1. Social/cultural/demographic trends that could affect the company
    2. Technological trends/innovations that could affect the company
    3. Economic trends that could affect the company
    4. Political/legal issues or laws that could affect the company

    Natural environment aspects (e.g., climate, weather events, natural resource access) that could affect the company

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