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The final project is designed to provide you with an opportunity to develop a project on a topic of interest. Your goal is to develop a proposal for a project of your choice. The result is a project proposal that will be presented to the class at the end of the course for “funding.”
The final project development should contain the following information (at a minimum):

  • Project/problem statement/definition
  • Minimum of 3 alternatives for solving the problem or completing the project
  • Pros and cons for each of the listed alternatives
  • Your recommendation for the project should include
    • Justification of the specific choice you are recommending
    • Risks, assumptions, and mitigations
    • Overall project plan for achieving successful completion, including a time line and resource requirements. A Gantt chart or other graphical format is required.
    • Cost estimates
  • Final recommendation and formal request for funds to complete the project.

Part I – Written ProposalYour written Project Proposal will contain the following information for the project as noted below in APA format:

  • A title page listing all members of the project team
  • An Executive Summary and project definition (a 2-3 page summary of the project and recommendation
  • Individual sections in the body of the project for:
    • Initial analysis of the problem, business requirements, and project goals
    • Explanation of the 3 alternatives to achieve the goals of the project, including the basic pros and cons of each
    • The project team recommendation with justification
    • The risks ddefined and assumptions made by the team
    • Overall project plan for successful completion of the project, including a timeline and other resource requirements
    • Cost estimates
  • Your total proposal length should be a minimum of 5-6 pages using 1-inch margins and a 12-point font such as Times New Roman.
    • At a minimum, it is expected that Gantt charts and a general financial analysis will be formally prepared and presented as part of the project document.
    • The report should request approval for resources to proceed with the implementation of the project and for the allocation of resources (both dollars and people).
    • Additional materials can be added as needed to round out of the project document.