Problem solving case study and proposal report

I have a work the not finish yet because its only 1500 works and i wanted to be 2500 words with you have to understand what was written and fix if it needs and adds 1000 on 1550  its need to be done in 24 hours. from the bite time started , alos see the report Structure Guide for Assignment  to understand who the analyse for this assignment 

I will attach the assignment that needs to add more work to it and see the 


here are the need plus there are documents will be attached to it

1. the course name: Organisational Analysis

2. I have three articles to do the work on and slide 8 to connect the Theories.

3. the writing should be mix 2500 words and not less than 2100 words double space.  

4. the writing should be Harvard format and no Plagiarism 

I attached the Report Structure and articles the names also slide that has the theories. 

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