Presentation with 6 slides on market analysis report: biodegradable

Type of Industry: Biodegradable plastic bags

You need an opening image with your name, your client name, and the industry. You need a closing image thanking the client and providing your contact information (real or fabricated).

Read the attached Market analysis report for the industry mentioned and follow the below instructions to prepare the presentation.

For the presentation, I suggest doing six slides – one slide on each of the following topics. Include at least two graphs, charts, or photos(These can the photos of the bags or graphs showing the competitor analysis or anything related to the below topics)

1. Type of industry and one competitor 

2. Target Market description (who is the customer) 

3. Product/Service JGJ should enter the market with 

4. Pricing strategy JGJ should charge for the product/service and why 

5. Promotion/advertising plan for the product/service 

6. Place – how product/service will be distributed

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