Philosophy – paragraph 3 (200 words)


IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to restate the prompt. Dive straight into the problem (I suggest you start by identifying the key issues in the situation). Seriously, don’t waste space with a lengthy introduction. I know what the prompt says since I wrote it – only repeat the details of it if they’re necessary, but avoid summaries.

Instructions: You are to respond to the topic below using the ideas and concepts we have been discussing in this course. Your response should be between 200 and 300 words. You MUST cite something from within the course (textbook, course pages, discussions, etc.) AND another source you find from outside the course (the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Links to an external site.), the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Links to an external site.), another book, a journal – check out our library’s online resources (Links to an external site.), Wikipedia, YouTube, a TV show, etc.) when crafting your response. You might want to write this in another application (Google Docs, Word, Notepad, etc.) and copy and paste it.

Paragraph #3 Topic:

Pick EITHER “Hoops of Steel” (Chapter 10) or “The Devil Himself” (Chapter 11) and do the following:

For “Hoops of Steel”:

What do you think happens after “Hoops of Steel” ends? What results do you think they get from their experiment? What are the implications of these results on the existence of souls? What are the implications of this for identity purposes? What if the results were the opposite? Would that change things for you? Why or why not?

For “The Devil Himself”:

What do you think happens after the end of “The Devil Himself”? What do you think comes out of the gate? (Here are a few options: another Derek, Jean, some combination of them, some altered version of them, or something entirely different) What are the implications of this for identity purposes? Who is it that appears? What does all of this say about the possibility of our survival after going through something like a transporter? Do you think it would be “you” that comes out of a transporter like the one described? Why or why not?

(Make use of the course materials in crafting your answer.)

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