Philosophy- ethical reasoning | Philosophy homework help

Read chapters 12 and 13 (pages 83 -97). These two Chapters discuss  one of the most important ethical theories (deontology, or Kantianism)  we will study. It is a good idea to take notes as you read, jot down questions about things you do not understand, etc.

For your written assignment:

1- Choose one of the cases you read for this week. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation (4 – 6 slides) that includes the following:

2- Summarize the case or caselet.

3- What are the ethical issues in this case? What choice(s) of “right or wrong, permitted or not permitted” needs to be made here?

4- What are some possible solutions to the case?

5- What reasons support those solutions?

6- What do you think should be done, and why?

7- Do your best to apply Utilitarianism and Kant (Deontology) to your case: what different solutions (or similar solutions) do these theories support? How?

8- What are some questions for class discussion?

Please turn this presentation in to Moodle (as a Powerpoint presentation)

see attached docs for the readings and cases. 

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