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 Your final project will entail you submitting a Film Treatment  (5-6) pages double spaced) 

 Film Treatment
You are to develop an original film treatment complete with characters (draw your actors from the pool of actors consistently used by Lee or choose your own actors that you would cast), plot, opening, climatic , and resolution scene descriptions, etc. (Please refer to the web links and treatment template provided below for more details of how to structure your treatment ) that reflects strong influence of Spike Lee’s style as a film director as evidenced in the films we viewed in this class. 

Imagine that you are singlehandedly responsible for writing, directing and producing a film set in Brooklyn (or your hometown, New Brunswick, or city with which you closely associate) that calls attention to race relations, ethics, sexism, heterosexism, police brutality, or some form of social injustice.  Remember that your film treatment should serve as a cinematic social commentary and draw on historic figures/events, imagery, and recent current events to help tell your film’s story.  

Be mindful to include an overview of how you aim to employ various film and camera techniques to enhance the effectiveness of your film.  (You may refer to the weblink under Resources regarding the History of Film  and Film Glossary for a breakdown of various camera techniques and angle shots, lighting, etc.  Again, be sure to include some of Spike Lee’s favorite camera techniques, cinematography, and sound design choices).

 Do not neglect to include social, political, cultural, and economic issues and how they may or may not have changed over the span of time Lee covers  (1619-2020)  Be sure to include a few paragraphs critically analyzing your own film treatment and how you feel your storyline and method of storytelling would be distinctive, compelling,  and effective.

Here is a the information on Creating a Film Treatment that you must follow….

How to Write a Film Treatment in 6 Steps

You will be graded on the following…..

Your Film Treatment Template (see the beginning of the assignment and the attached doc)

Camara Movement and Film Techniques (include at least 5 images to demonstrate )

Plot Summary

Character Descriptions

Incorporation of Spike Lee’s Style ( use of color, language, social political themes, historical content, camera movements, choice of music, etc) 

Critical Analysis

You must include images to demonstrate camera angles, lighting, setting, etc. to provide an idea of the look and feel of your movie. 

Also include  provide YouTube links to songs the would be used at certain points throughout the film.  The opening scene music is especially important.  

Finally, include clips of news footage, images and videos you will use to capture the historical figures and events relevant to your film’s storyline.

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