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Pick 2 different occupations and asnwer the following questions in this space. Be sure to NUMBER your ANSWER:

  1. Name of second occupation you selected
  2. occupation code
  3. what job zone?
  4. What knowledge would one need to perform the job?
  5. What skills?
  6. What specific abilities would be needed to perform the job?
  7. How many work activities did the job analysis identify?
  8. How many detailed work activities did the job analysis identify?
  9. What levels of education do workers in this occupation tend to have?
  10. What is the median national annual wage for this occupation?
  11. Imagine you are hiring someone to perform this occupation. Write a brief (4 sentence) job advertisement identifying the qualifications you would be looking for?
  12. If you needed to evaluate someone performing this job, what TWO behaviors / tasks do you think would be the most important to assess? Why?

Please use attachment answer questions

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