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Use of this template is required. Do not alter the  formatting; simply fill in the content as explained below. Failure to  submit the assignment using this template will result in zero points.


For this week’s assignment, you work for 504 Technologies as a  manager for the Tech Support team. Cindy Lou Doolittle and Manny Sanchez  work in your department and had an argument several days ago that has  spiraled out of control. This started when Cindy Lou told a customer to  change some default settings in his 504 software. The call unfortunately  dropped, and when the customer called back, Manny answered the phone  and told him not to change the default settings. The customer  got frustrated and began yelling at Manny. Ultimately, you had to get on  the phone with the customer to resolve the issue and calm the customer  down.

Even though the issue was resolved, Cindy Lou and Manny are now quite  unfriendly towards each other. If they have to talk to each other, the  language is curt and cold. There have been some rumors of one or both of  them getting fired – but you have no intention of doing that. You need  for both of these valuable employees to simply get back to work and move  past this event. Instead of calling a meeting, you decide to send them a  memo that you hope will solve the problem.

Light Research:

Find an online source that explains some mediation techniques and then pick some of the ideas to apply them to the situation.


In the memo template, insert the two employees’ full names in the  “to” section, your full name in the “from” section, and appropriate  content in the “re” (regarding – a subject line) and “date” sections.

Under the line, provide the following:

  • In a first paragraph, briefly describe why you are writing the memo.
  • In 2–3 additional paragraphs, explain to the employees how this situation is to be resolved.
  • Under the last paragraph, provide the URL to your source.

Other requirements:

  • Make sure you use at least one mediation technique found in your source.
  • Do not indicate you will call a meeting; this memo is intended to end the feud.
  • Do not include a salutation or a signature. These are not  included in memos since that information is already in the top part of  the page.
  • Write 220–260 words (not including the address block or URL).
  • Write entirely in your own words. Do not quote or copy from your  source. Since this is a work document and not an academic paper, do not  use in-text citation, but remember to include the URL at the bottom of  the memo.
  • Your body paragraphs must be single spaced without indenting. Place a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Be careful with your word choices. Avoid emotional and/or harsh or  accusatory wording and do not lecture them: you need to remain unbiased,  kind, and professional. 
    • Suggestion: Once you have written the memo, you might like to ask a  friend or family member (not another student) to read the memo and tell  you if the tone meets these requirements.

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