Marketing financial projections | Marketing homework help

  We chose Ford to market a devise that will alert you if you accidently left the child in the car.

  1. A report with the final Marketing Plan that      includes the three previous drafts, attached as an MS Word file.  In addition, this final MP must include      the following sections:
    • Marketing Programs &       Financial Projections.

You should review pp. 54–55 of the text for examples of the key issues that should be discussed within these sections of the MP. You will need a comprehensive marketing program, which includes a discussion of: the Product Strategy, the Pricing Strategy, the Promotion Strategy and the Distribution (channels) Strategy.

The last section on Financial Projections should show a 5-year projection of expected revenues. In addition, you should present some type of idea when BE (break-even) will take place. Companies that introduce new products generally do not make a profit in “year 1” because of the high development and marketing costs required to test and launch the product. Obtaining costs will be difficult, but you should try to estimate costs.

***********Please see attachment for the perfect example************

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