Managerial economics – final paper and presentation

For the final project and presentation consider a change that you believe would be profitable for your company in the long run (with short run analysis too).  If you are not currently working, you will be assigned one (I do not want “recycled papers”).

Your written report should include:

  1. Clear statement of the problem
  2. Academic support of problem/solution (minimum of two, one can be your text)
  3. Industry support of problem/solution (minimum of two)
  4. Clear statement of proposed change(s) and expected outcome(s).
  5. The first page should be an Executive Summary using bullet points (this may be very similar to the sheet you use for your presentation)
  6. The report should be in APA format and include:
  7. Title page
  8. Do not do an abstract, instead insert your Executive Summary here.
  9. Introduction
  10. Literature review (academic and industry information that helps frame your recommendation)
  11. Empirical analysis (specific details regarding the problem and proposed solution – your introduction may have briefly described the problem, here you add more details)
  12. Conclusion
  13. This may be brief and should include a restatement of problem and solution.
  14. You may also add any future considerations related to your recommendation that were outside the scope of the topic you investigated.

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