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Students will select a peer review/scholarly article on any aspect of leadership.


Students will select a peer review/scholarly article (from Library or professional online organization) on any aspect of leadership and write an Article Critique consisting of the following:

1. Article Summary: Explain what the article discusses in a concise yet insightful and comprehensive manner.

2. Leadership Applications: Explain how the ideas, concepts, principles, methods, techniques, etc., discussed in the article better help leaders to lead change effectively and successfully.

3. Extension of Work: Explain any shortcomings of the article; what the author(s) failed to discuss or realize; how the ideas or concepts discussed in the article could be applied other than the ways in which the author(s) address; and any limitations on the article and its discussion on change.

4. Paper Construction: Cover Page, APA Formatting, Report Length & Reference Page

This paper should be well-formatted with the above three clear headings and subheadings and should be in APA format, Times New Roman 12, and should be a minimum of 4 pages double-spaced, excluding cover or title and reference pages.

This completed paper must be submitted under the appropriate assignment tab in MS Word format.

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