Job application/cover letter | Management homework help


1. Complete a draft of the application/cover letter:

  • Read the job opening below and write your letter based on that job posting.

Position: Executive Administrative Assistant at Sinclair Community College. Requires high school diploma or equivalent and some college. Primary duties are customer service, professional writing, research, and basic computer skills. Apply by submitting a cover letter and resume to Janet Jones, Director of Human Resource, 444 West Third Street, Dayton, OH 45402, no later than Sunday.

  • You decide whether to use full block or modified block letter style.
  • Follow an appropriate structure: introduction, body, and conclusion.

Use specifics that speak to the job and are supported by the information on your resume.

2. Submit your draft of the application/cover letter:

  • Late drafts will only receive partial credit.
  • Attach the letter in .doc, .docx or .rtf format.

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