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Book: International Business 4e by Dlabay & Scott
The textbook mentions 4 major categories of the international business environment.
Mention and explain each of them.
In order to receive full credit for your discussion question your response to every posting should be at least a minimum of 100 words from you chapter reading.
You must also reply to at least two other classmates and include their names when replying to them.
When responding to your classmates provide something that adds substance to the question. A message which simply says “I agree” does not constitute participation because it does not add any substance to the discussion. Therefore, make sure to reply to the other two postings the same way you would reply to your original posting.
Your initial post must be at least 100 words. You will be deducted .25 if not provided.
You will be deducted .10 points if names are not provided.
Your replies to each of your classmates must be at least 75 words. You will be deducted .25 points if not provided.
You will be deducted .25 points on each non-classmate reply.
Do not provide the same reply for your classmates. .25 points will be deducted foe each same reply.
All answers must come from the textbook and you must provide the chapter and page number(s) (.50 points will be deducted if not provided).
*This assignment is a discussion board. It consist of two parts. The first part is answering the initial question. The second part is reply to two of my classmates.
I’m attaching a copy of the chapter and also two of my classmates responses so you can work on the second part of the assignment.

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