Improve doc. according to comments

  1. Even though the hypothesis is implicit in the phrase: “Supposing the hypothesis that a business is ready to invest into saving the oceans, the research will demonstrate how the firm can use sustainable tools in a circular economy while maximizing the value creation” a hypothesis cannot be suposed. It is either a Hypothesis or not. I am convinced that the student can still improve the hypothesis, just to make sure that the rest of the dissertation will focus on answering it.
  2. Regarding the Review of Literature, he has improved it introducing some mentions to environmental agencies, but no academic articles are mentioned. I have search a bit in Google scholar and there are lots of articles about the topic. For example:  . Some of them I think match perfectly the dissertation proposed.
  3. Curiously, some of the quotations in the Review of the literature are not found in the bibliography, and viceversa.
  4. Research Methodology can be accepted. In fact, some of the objectives described are very ambitious, such as the meta-analysis. To reach that objective, the search on the academic sources will have to be exhaustive.
  5. Research Question and Hypothesis is very unclear, and very poorly developed. In this case I do not feel like suggesting a Hypothesis formulation. Maybe something like “Marine related business can create value, and at the same time contribute to the protection of the marine life”. But his is something that the student has to clarify and better explain in this chapter.
  6. The litereature review does not contain any academic reference. And this topic is crowded of academic references that could be used in the literature review. 
  7. Research methodology. Is he planning only one type of survey? if so, what minimum number of respondents would be required?
  8. Bibliogrtaphy should be better presented, and with more references. This topic can be researched in many academic sites.

I think that with the suggested improvements, the proposal will be approvable.

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