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To conclude this course, we cover professional ethics as it relates to technology. Additionally, we specifically address ethics as it relates to computer professional. This is due to the amount of private, sensitive, and proprietary information they have access to.

Pick a scenario below and post your reply by Wednesday at midnight. Your response should be at least 300 words and appropriately cites your resources.

Respond to two of your classmates by Sunday at midnight. Your responses should be at least 150 words and should be substantive. You should offer additional resources, insight, or other helpful feedback. A simple “I like your post” will result in a 0.

You will not be able to see your classmates’ posts until you make your first post.

  • Scenario 1
    • Your company is developing a free email service that will include targeted advertising based on the content of the email messages (similar to Google’s Gmail). You are part of the team designing the system. What are your ethical responsibilities?
  • Scenario 2
    • As part of your responsibilities, you oversee the installation of software packages for large orders. A recent order of laptops for a local school district requires webcam software to be loaded. You know that this software allows for remote activation of the webcam. What are your ethical responsibilities? What would you do?
  • Scenario 3
    • Three MIT students planned to present a paper at a security conference describing security vulnerabilities in Boston’s transit fare system. At the request of the transit authority, a judge ordered the students to cancel the presentation and not to distribute their research. The students are debating whether they should circulate their paper on the Web. Imagine that you are one of the students. What would you do?

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