I need another copy of the same work. please, limit the similarity.

 Duplicate of biography about Hawthorne

I need another copy of the same work. Please, limit the similarity.

After reading the biography about Hawthorne (written by the editors) pp. 651-655, and then the short story by the author pp. 685-694, let’s dig a little bit into some literary terminology and analysis. From this somewhat brief list we have referenced before (click here), select three terms. First, define the three terms in your own words (you can do so in a single paragraph, or in three separate sentences – your choice (note a paragraph is 6-7 sentences). I just want to see that you fully understand the term and its usage as it applies to literature).

Then, in three paragraphs, apply those terms to Hawthorne’s text. Pull information directly from the text (pls. I need in-text citation for the text I sent you), But work to avoid direct summary – work instead to use the bulk of your paragraph in the application of the term.

Finally, in two paragraphs, choose a lens through which to ‘read’ Hawthorne’s work – the possibilities are numerous, but let’s stick to the options supplied by the Purdue OWL site, which identifies several theories that are relevant to literary studies. In your first paragraph, work to summarize and show understanding of the theory you select (Feminist Criticism, Critical Race Theory, Ecocriticism, etc.). In the second paragraph, apply that form of literary theory to Hawthorne’s short story. You will need to bring in details from the text to support your ideas, but again, work to avoid simple summary. As with most things in literary criticism, there is not necessarily a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach, rather it is about supporting your ideas with information from the text and your own understanding of the theory.

Read Hawthorne’s bio and text, pp. 651-655, pp. 685-694

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