Forensic report 2 | Computer Science homework help


Required Deliverables:

1. Forensic Report #2 File containing:

a. Transmittal Letter

b. Delivery Package Inventory

c. Forensic Report (Full) and all appendices

2. Chain of Custody Document

3. List of MD5 Hash Values for all files submitted for this assignment


CMIT 424 Forensic Report #2 Scenario

James Randell, president and owner of Practical Applied Gaming Solutions, Inc. (PAGS), contacted you to request additional assistance in handling a sensitive matter regarding the unexpected resignation of a senior employee of his company. In your previous investigation, you learned that Mr. Randell had become concerned about an employee’s resignation after receiving a report that Mr. George Dean (also known as Jeorge Dean), the company’s Assistant Chief Security Officer, left a voice mail tendering his resignation effective immediately. 

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