Final case – group report

 I attached the case and  the case analysis Worksheet. The final report is based on the worksheet and the instructions below

6 pages.

No Plagiarism. 

Final Case – Group Report

Assignment Instructions 

Your final assignment is a paper based on your team’s comprehensive case analysis and implementation plan for MOD Pizza: A Winning Recipe? which you have completed up until this point.

By now, your group should have arrived at a common recommendation based on the in-class exercise. Now, your team will write a paper to first summarize the situation, then present an in-depth analysis and an implementation plan to address the challenges MOD Pizza faces as it scales the company. 

Your paper should be written in a report form. Use the information you created in your case analysis templates, but do not simply copy the tables from the templates. No tables are allowed in your paper.

The outline for your paper should be: 

  1. Summary of the Situation
    1. Describe the situation and the decision that needs to be made
  2. In-Depth Analysis 
    1. Explanation of the criteria (3-4 criteria)
    2. Analysis of Options (3 options)
    3. Your Recommendation (only one)
  3. Implementation Plan 
    1. Short-Term, Medium-Term, and Long-Term Tasks (2 of each)
    2. Risks (2-3 risks) and how to mitigate risks

Paper formatting should be: 

  • 6-8 pages  
  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1″ margins
  • Citations in APA Style

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