Essay on 5g network | Computer Science homework help

Topic: what is different between previous generation (3G mobile network,4G mobile network )

       5G and how 5G mobile networks

       discuss what value add 5G will provide to businesses

Basically, discuss about this topic about 5g Technology :

how it works.  Why is it important in today’s high-tech world?  Be sure to discuss differences in competing technologies, and pros and cons with this technology.  

Take a position on why this technology is critical/beneficial/detrimental to the world we live in.  What are the issues (pros and cons) with using this technology/architecture?  

How does this technology or architecture benefit businesses and commerce?  

How are companies taking advantage of these technologies or architectures, or what limits companies from using them?  What does the future hold? 


Write a 4-5 page research paper in APA format (double spaced, 12 pt. font, cite your sources in a References page) Note:referece page not count in 5 page.  

Provide an introduction paragraph that defines what your key topics will be.  

Provide a good concluding paragraph drawing conclusions based on your research and restating your research topics and describing what you have learned.

Reference: atleast 2 book reference and atleast 5 web reference in APA format

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