Eng 2322 mod 6 portfolio bell




ENG 2322

College of Professional Studies

Project #4: Portfolio

Your syllabus includes the following information about your portfolio:

Portfolio: At the end of the semester, students will choose 2 of the essays they have written, substantially revise them, and, in an appendix, provide samples of process writing related to the two major papers. The portfolio should begin with an introduction that contextualizes the artifacts and accounts for any course outcomes not directly seen in the artifacts.

I will evaluate the papers you submit and assign a grade to the portfolio, which is worth 100 points, approximately 10% of your final grade for ENG 2322. The portfolio is your opportunity to showcase your best work. This is your time to shine! The portfolio will represent your work during the semester and should exemplify your ability to write, as well as revise and edit your own work. You should submit your entire portfolio in ONE Word document.

Portfolio Components:

· The portfolio should begin with an introduction that explains which two papers you chose and why. The document should also contain a statement about your writing strengths and weaknesses, as well as a plan to address your weaknesses as you continue to write college-level papers. Next, you should work to discuss whether you believe you have met the specific learning objectives for this course (see below). Finally, the introduction paper should contain a realistic assessment of your work – what grade do you think your portfolio deserves, and why?

Primary Learning Objectives


(1) Determine appropriate rhetorical techniques to apply   in response to rhetorical situations


(2) Use the writing   process to discover and reassess ideas


(3) Compose valid   arguments in multiple modalities


(4) Support   arguments with appropriate types of evidence


(5) Evaluate sources   for accuracy and authority 


(6) Navigate print   and digital repositories of information


(7) Use the   rhetorical situation to determine the appropriate citation system


(8) Describe how inquiry contributes to a life of   significance and worth

· After your introduction, you should include your two revised, polished essays that you have chosen to showcase from this course. As a reminder, your options are Project #1, Project #2, and Project #3. Because you have had the opportunity to write, identify errors, and correct them, you are expected to submit papers that are very clean and well written.

· After your two polished essays, you should include an appendix that contains the prewriting work that went into your two essays (e.g., brainstorming, journal entries, outlines, drafts, etc.). This appendix should show how your writing has been a process this semester. If you have handwritten any process work for your essays, you can take pictures of it and include those pictures in your Word document.


Writing Instructions

· Save your documents with your “Last Name Assignment Title” (EX: Smith Project #4).

· Assignments must use APA document formatting and citations.

Assignments must fulfill assignment requirements and be proofread to be graded   

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