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This practical application requires you to compare the tax savings associated with preferentially-taxed investments.

PBC information represents personal records that are needed to complete your individual income tax return (e.g. bank statements, family details).


  • By Saturday at 11:59 P.M., CT.

Case Information

Millie is a single taxpayer and her 2018 taxable income is $181,205. The detailed calculation of taxable income is provided in the “PBC” document.

  1. Separate Millie’s 2018 taxable income of $181,205 into its ordinary income and preferential income components. Hint – your ordinary income and preferential income amounts should total Millie’s taxable income of $181,205.
  2. Using the single taxpayer ordinary tax rate brackets on the previous page, compute Millie’s 2018 income tax liability she should report on her 2018 Form 1040, Line 11. Do NOT calculate any self-employment tax, additional Medicare tax or net investment income tax that Millie might also be liable for (these additional taxes would be reported on Schedule 4 and Form 1040, Line 14).


  • Compute Millie’s 2018 income tax liability
    1. Download Application Assignment – Investments.docx.
    2. Complete the two tables shown on Pg. 2 of the document.
  • Submit the completed application assignment Word document.

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