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*Week 5 Discussion (ENVS1000 Sustainability Challenges)

Climate change is an important problem that impacts all of us, yet it is so complex that it is hard to summarize in a convenient sound bite that is easy for the public to digest. In recent years it has also become political, since the fix impacts our energy use, which is the basis of our economy, and much is at stake. In your opinion, are humans causing global warming and what is your strongest argument for your opinion?

*Unit 4 Discussion (ACC111 Financial Accounting)

Anne Marie, the owner of Anne’s Beauty Salon, comes to see you again.  She tells you that she has one more question for you.

She told you that her accountant tried to explain to her the closing process in the accounting cycle.  The more he talked, the more confusing it got.  How would you explain the closing process to Anne Marie?

She also asked about dividends.  What are they?  Will they increase expense?

*Unit 4.1 Discussion: Critiquing Presentations (COM107 Introduction to Communication)

After watching the speeches, “First World Problems” and “ How Guinea Pigs Help Autistic Children” in the unit resources, critique the effectiveness of each speaker’s organization and delivery.  How did the choices made by the speaker impact the level of engagement you had with each speech?

Some areas to comment on are: an engaging introduction, smooth transitions, credible evidence to support main ideas, concise conclusion with memorable ending, varied tone of voice, eye contact and other body language.

*Unit 4.2 Discussion: Select your Informative Speech Topic (COM107 Introduction to Communication)

In the next unit, you will begin researching and organizing your Informative speech.  In this discussion, please post your selected topic in the discussion board forum for your instructor’s approval.  In your post, please indicate the following:

  1. Topic
  2. Specific Purpose
  3. Thesis

*Unit 4 DB: Liebeck v. McDonalds (The “Hot Coffee” Case) (LAW204 Business Law)


Review the resources regarding the Liebeck v. McDonald’s case. Think about what you learned about torts in this unit. If you were a member of the jury, would you have decided for Liebeck or for McDonald’s? Be sure to support your position with citation to authority and the elements of negligence.

Regardless of whether you are an attorney arguing in court or a business stakeholder pitching to shareholders or a potential client, adding support for your argument from appropriate resources strengthens your content. For this discussion board, be sure to include a citation to an appropriate source that supports the point you are making. (HINT: Your textbook is a great source!)

*Unit 4 DB: MS Word in Everyday Life (CIS112 Digital Skills for College and Career)

After completing this unit and the previous unit, you now know how to use many of the features of MS Word. Please discuss the following questions:

  • What      new MS Word features did you learn about in this unit and the previous      unit? What value do you feel that MS Word will have in your future career?

Your answers need to include your interpretation of the material that you have watched and read along with your personal experiences.  It is okay to use outside sources—if you do, list the author’s name and the article’s title at the bottom of your post.  Please use complete paragraphs in your posts.

*Unit 4.1 Discussion: Changes to Court System (CRJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice)

Everyday someone complains on how the court system does not work.  I would like you to suggest 3 things that you think should be changed to the system, why they should be changed and how that part of the system should work.

*Unit 4.2 Discussion: Plea Bargains (CRJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice)

Briefly explain the various types of plea bargaining.  How and why is plea bargaining used in the criminal justice system?  What are the advantages of plea bargaining?  What are the disadvantages?  Do you think plea bargaining is ethical?  Can our justice system function without it? Please support your answers.

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