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Consider this crucial question regarding the civil rights movement:  what kinds of claims needed to made to compel those who heard about the tensions or conflicts in Alabama to consider those occurrences as relevant to their own life even if they lived outside of Alabama?  That is, what prompted a person to think:  “this is about me.  This applies to me or makes a claim upon my life”?  

Consider the content in chapter 3 of the Joel Best book and DEVISE A WELL-WRITTEN, ONE PARAGRAPH POST about the following:  What was it about the (1) framingor (2) opportunity structures active at the time that either helped or hindered the civil rights movement? What is a characteristic in one of the same areas (framing or opportunity structures) in the current movements for racial justice that is either a major difference or similarity in relation to mid 20th century movement?   Your paragraph can also be a response to a classmate’s post.  So, you are writing with the following approach:  The civil rights movement of the mid 20th century framed its message primarily by emphasizing________, appealing to the_______of its hearers and urging them to act in_________ways.  The present day efforts are significantly________(similar or different) because_________.  The present day movements employ a rhetoric of___________in order to draw attention or prompt action of the following kind________.  

Please communicate with respect, honesty, and humility.  
Make sure you’ve added a post by Sept 9, 11:59.   You are free to continue any conversations as desired beyond your first post or reply post. 


Chap 3 Lecture: Activists as Claimsmakers/Social Movement Organization/Resource Mobilization


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