Demographics and technology | Management homework help


An organization’s demographics are an important factor to consider for its business strategies. Review the demographic and technological information about COCA COLA to complete the activity below. If the information is not public, base your decisions on a similar company and research.

This information will assist you with the Wk 6 assignment.

Create a chart, outline, or infographic that conveys the following information:

· Demographics

· What are the current demographics?

· What was a recent change?

· How did the company handle it?

· Was the change handled ethically? If not, how should they have handled it? If it was, what stands out as something to emulatein your future business endeavors?

· Technology

· How does the company utilize technology in day-to-day business?

· What types of technology are used?

· How does a change of technology affect the organization?

APA format

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