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A character sheet provides multiple views of your character, typically front, side and top. A character sheet can be used to model against by projecting those views onto planes in the modeling app. Front and side view planes intersect at a 90 degree angle at their center, so the modeler can match scale and proportion.

But character sheets can provide a good deal more. They can relate a bit of the character’s backstory, put the character in the context of a scene or an era, and provide texture and color information about the character.

you will need to assemble reference for your character, including different views that you can import into Blender to guide your modeling. Also consider supplemental views, textures, and details that will inform your character development. If the character has a backstory, include a brief synopsis in a panel on the character sheet.

The character sheet is likely to be a good size, 1024 X 768 at a minimum.

examples of this assignment is attached below

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