Chapter 20 eoc | Management homework help


A. Sperry Van Ness: Harnessing Technology for Business Success


1List three decisions that an improved IS could help Sherry Van Ness president and CEO Kevin Maggiacomo make.  For each decision, describe the data that must be in the database in order to provide such help.



2.  The main steps of the controlling process are measuring performance, comparing performance to standards, and taking corrective action. Discuss a possible role of an IS at Sperry Van Ness in each of these steps.



3.  In addition to commercial real estate, some of Sperry Van Ness’s chief competitors also handle residential real estate.  Because of this additional area of operation, do you think Sperry Van Ness’s IS should differ from that of its competitors?  Why?




1.         Saboor and Kawa Hatef divide responsibilities for running Platinum Autobody. What are the advantages of such specialization?




   2.      How is Platinum Autobody using technology to improve its business?



3.   Why would Platinum Autobody compare its prices to those charged by competitors? 

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