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Submit Case Study #2/Your Selected Chapter Presentation: Due Sunday of Week 6 by Midnight

Submit your Case Study-Chapter Presentation: Please submit a power point presentation of your selected chapter this week: Due Sunday Midnight Week 6.


In week 3 this term you selected a chapter of your choice from the textbook.

Prepare a power point presentation with minimum of 5 slides, as your Teaching Contribution to the learning as if you were teaching a class. Be creative and imaginative; include appropriate short clips, photos, arts to convey your message in a professional and fun presentation. Grading criteria includes the areas cited; each team member’s contribution to the presentation is a vital element of the final grade for this assignment.

Clarity of Expression

Logical Organization of Ideas

Elaboration and Detail

Critical Thinking

Effective Use of Research Techniques Where Appropriate

Effective Use of Language and Diction

Mechanics and Usage

Reflection of Internalized Knowledge

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