Bus week 5 — 15 slides (without reference and first page)……..


Refer back to the Week 2 company, Hoosier Media, Inc. Your consulting firm is now ready to present suggestions regarding the strategic plan of Hoosier Media, Inc. 

In a 15-slides presentation with detailed speaker notes, address the following which will be presented to the Director of Marketing:

  • The      best possible options for evaluating a strategic plan
  • Corrective      actions that should be taken to ensure company operations are correctly      aligned with the strategic plan

Include the following in your presentation:

  • How      should the company measure organizational performance?
  • How      will the company examine what progress is being made toward the stated      objectives?
  • What      criteria will be used when determining whether company objectives are      measurable and verifiable?
  • Based      on your knowledge of the company, what changes should be made to      reposition Hoosier Media competitively for the future?

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