Book chapter review | Financial markets homework help

A review is THREE single-spaced pages long, with a font type of Times New Roman, a font size of 12, and 1 inch page margins. 

Creativity Inc. Chapter 1, 2,3,4 

Three Components: 

1. Summarize the chapters in sufficient but concise details. 

* at least one and a half pages (Single-spaced) * main themes, main stories, main theories/concepts. 

Personal reflections. 

* your favorite/least favorite stories. 

* How are some stories, theories, or concepts related to your personal or professional life? 

* at least half a page. 

3. Theory/concept applications. 

* strategic management theories/concepts can be applied to the chapters. 

* at least half a page. 

Avoid plagiarism: No copy/paste. 

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