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Assignment Workload: 

· This Assignment consists of Case Study.

· Assignment is to be submit by each student individually.

Assignment Purposes/Learning Outcomes: 

After completion of Assignment-3 students will able to understand the 

Demonstrate an understanding of project budgeting and cost control in project management.

(LO. 1.6 and 4.1)

Demonstrate ability to work with others effectively as a team member in project management, related to case studies or new themes. (LO. 3.2 and 3.5)

The ability to write a coherent report on project management case studies. (LO. 4.5)

Assignment Regulation: 

· All students are encouraged to use their own words. 

· Student must apply “Times New Roman Font” with double space within their reports. 

· The attached cover-page has to be used, duly filled. Submissions without the cover page will NOT be accepted

· A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it.

· If the assignment shows more than 25% plagiarism, the students would be graded zero.


Case Study:

· Please read the case “The Bathtub Period.” from Chapter 15 “Cost Control” given in your textbook – Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling 10th edition by Harold Kerzner and Answer the following Questions:

1. Do you think Jerry should approach the customer with this problem in hopes of relief in the Cost-Plus Programme. (1.5 Marks)

2.  Suppose you are the customer of this cost-plus program, what would your response be for additional funds for the bathtub period, assuming cost overrun? (1.5 Marks)

3.  How do you prevent this situation from recurring on all yearly follow on contracts? (2 Marks)

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