Assignment in managerial economics | Economics homework help

 This assignment is an individual-specific assessment of the industry in which you currently work or of the industry in which you intend to work after completing your MBA. You should discuss the sources of the value created within your particular industry. Your document should address the following issues: 1. Brief description of your current or intended industry 2. Evaluation of the unique value created by your firm (for its customers) relative to all of its competition. In other words, what makes your firm special for its customers. The value may be derived from the quality of the product (relative to others on the market), customer service, overall purchase experience, or a combination of these and other factors. Also discuss how you will add value. 3. Concluding discussion that addresses how the factors that influence value created in this industry may change over the next five years. 4. This should be a full 6+ pages of content in APA format and submitted as a Word document. It is due by the end of the residency. 

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