Artist | Ancient history homework help

1. Distinguish the “iconic” from the “narrative” in Early Christian and Byzantine art, locating one example of each in this chapter. How are these two traditions used by the Church and its members?

2. Distinguish the identifying features of basilicas and central-plan churches, and discuss how the forms of these early churches were geared toward specific types of Christian worship and devotional practice.

3. How were images used in Byzantine worship? Why were images suppressed during Iconoclasm?

4. Compare and contrast the mosaics of San Vitale in Ravenna with those in the Chora church in Constantinople. Consider, in particular, how figures are represented, what kinds of stories are told, and in what way.

When you write about works of art always identify the work by naming the artist and title of the work. For all factual information used in your responses cite the text page, name the book, in-text citations in the MLA style. Include your own ideas. These should be introduced with a phrase such as “I think,” or “one can see.

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