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 The following article was written by Dr. Surabhi Singh in the Times of India: Social entrepreneurship_ A silent support for business and societyCore Assignment:Read the following Case Studies from the Social Enterprise Sourcebook

  1. Ocean Village Ventures: The Readiness is All
  2. Esperanza Unida Inc-POWER COMES 3. FROM BELOW

Choose one of the case studies and write a 2-4 essay describing the challenges, obstacles, and setbacks that these entrepreneurs in setting business ventures to improve the lives of clients, employees, and residents in the community while at the same time building profitable enterprises. Answer the following questions:

  1. What was their motivation?
  2. How were the lives of the people when they interacted with them improved?
  3. In what way did the communities improve?
  4. What lessons can be learned about how free enterprise can uplift and improve the livelihoods of people if used positively?ussion 

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