Answer the questions | English homework help


1. Do you want to be remembered in two hundred years? (compound sentence with , fanboys)

2. How does “Ozymandias” and “I’m Nobody” differ in their attitudes toward memory? Does one poem embrace forgetfulness more than the other? (Complex sentence with a (wwww.sub-a-beauti)

3. What similarities can we observe between Shakespeare’s  “Sonnet 73” and “To the Virgins to Make Much of Time” (Compound sentence with ; fatcats, )

4. Do we want to desire the thing, or do we want to have the thing? (compound sentence)

5. Can you ever truly know somebody? Will there always be mystery when we confront the “other?” (Complex sentence with a wwww.sub-a-beauti)


After reading the poems, I would like you to respond to the following short answer questions. You have to respond using the sentence types (p.23-24) we learned about in this module. Remember there are three sentence types:

  • Simple 
  • Compound
  • Complex

For each question, respond using the sentence type we learned about in module 3. Your response should only be one sentence long. You are graded on grammar and punctation. 

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