Answer 1 discussion and dance video analysis ( kinesiology )

Textbook : Kinesiology – Scientific Basis of Human Motion: Author: Nancy Hamilton, 12th Edition.

Part 1 Discussion :

Define only TWO of the following subjects or terms in your own words. It should be 10-15 sentences in total. 

  • Skeletal function
  • Axial & appendicular skeleton
  • Joints (cartilaginous joint, fibrous joint, synovial joints)
  • Classification of bone (long, short, flat, irregular)
  • Emerson’s law
  • Planes of the body (sagittal, frontal, transverse)
  • ROM

Part 2 Dance Video Analysis :

  • Find a Dance Video online and select a 3-second segment. From this 3-second segment dance sequence analyze the dancer’s movements.  Include a link to the dance video used and the 3-second time frame analyzed.
  • Using knowledge from Chapters 1 and 2, discuss in at least 10 sentences the movements observed and the associated Joints (see table 1.2 and 2.3). This response needs to be in your own words and sources cited. 
  • Select 10 DIFFERENT joints used in dance moves associated in the 3-second segment and construct a table as seen on pg. 41 (see the PDF provide below) Please use the text when possible and remember to cite your sources.

Tables should be composed as the book examples. Tables not properly filled out will not receive the credit please reference the book.

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