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 You will assemble literacy article resources to be included in an annotated bibliography. You will choose 5 resources pertaining to content literacy. Your bibliography reference of the resource entries should appear first. The reference entry should be APA formatted as if on a research reference page. The narrative (annotations) should be in APA style, grammar, punctuation, integration of required components, and include critical thinking. 

• Each of your entries will include A summary, an evaluation, and a relevant reflection for each of your articles. 

• Summary:  You should include the topics covered in the resource. If someone wanted to know the benefits of this resource, what do you say?

• Evaluation:  Is the resource useful? Do you find the information included in the resource reliable? Who endorses the resource? Does the resource address what it says it address? If it does not, what is needed? 

• Reflection: What are your overall perceptions of this resource. How has or will this resource support you and/or your students? 

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