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responses to the Exam essay questions with complete details in solid 2-3 paragraphs.

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Essay Questions Exam 

1.Describe the physiology of Action Potential generation and propagation in a neuron. Be sure to include the concepts of Resting Potential and Graded Potential and how this is transformed into an Action Potential, and how Resting Potential is reacquired.  

2.Diagram the basic components of a reflex arc (spinal reflex). Be sure to label completely the cross section of the spinal cord and use arrows to indicate direction of nerve impulse conduction. 

3.Describe the anatomy and physiology of hearing. Be sure to sketch the anatomy, and then describe all of the important physiological processes. 

4.Identify the basic location, structure and hormonal secretions for the pituitary gland. Finally, be sure to identify the target organ of each of these hormones and the hormonal effect(s) that result.

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