A chemical system within a sealed 1 l reaction vessel is described by

    1. A chemical system within a sealed 1 L reaction vessel is described by the following reversible reaction equation:

      2H2S(g) <–>2H2(g) + S2(g)

      If the equilibrium constant is 0.000 004 200 at 1103 K find:

    2. the reaction quotient initially.
    3. the order of concentration of all three components at equilibrium (greatest concentration to lowest) without using calculations.
    4. what the size of the reaction quotient indicates regarding the extent of the forward reaction.
    5. the equilibrium concentration of sulphur gas if 0.070 mol of hydrogen sulphide gas is initially placed in the vessel.

Note: for part d you may make the simplifying assumption that the amount of hydrogen sulphide gas reacted is extremely small in relation to the initial amount of hydrogen sulphide gas—this will allow you to avoid a quadratic expression in the denominator of the reaction quotient by disregarding one term).

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